Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer is the latest series to take the world by storm. Its a 10 part documentary from Netflix which deals with the life and legal cases throughout Steven Avery's life. Google him, he's a real guy. This series will make you feel a wide spectrum of emotions. It's been a long time since I've laughed, cried and wanted to throw things at the TV. That being said I did watch Amy recently too, which also made me very angry. Maybe I'm just angry and upset a lot? (Im not, they're just both really good documentaries)

But why is everyone going nuts for it?

1 The Story.
Here it is, as briefly but fairly as possible.

Starting with Steven Avery as a young man back in 1984/5 prior to his first conviction you instantly get the feeling that although these maybe simple folk (Most of the Avery family not exactly at Sherlock levels of intellect with Steven himself having only an IQ of 70 - the UK average being around 100), they are honest. Steven is arrested for several crimes early in his life, most notably being for theft where he stole/consumed some beers and food from a local pub. He admits to every crime and does his time or community service. When arrested for sexual assault in 1985 there is little to no doubt that Steven is not capable of such crimes. Its a massive escalation from someone who has only ever committed petty crimes and never been convicted of any violence to women. Sadly he serves 18 years for this crime until science catches up and DNA evidence can be examined properly and he is exonerated from the crime in 2003.

The joy on his face, his family, its heartbreaking. For a short time the Avery's can be together and happy before Steven is arrested in 2005 for Murder and a few other more minor offenses. Before I go into that, its important to point that out that Steven was in the process of successfully taking a civil court case out against the Manitowoc County sheriff's department and was set to receive $36 million in compensation for their negligence.

Steven is arrested, charged and found guilty of the murder of Teresa Halbach. His nephew, Brendan Dassey,  is also arrested, charged and found guilty of assisting with the murder and sexual assault amongst other crimes. The trial goes through the various evidence, both for and against the defendants but ultimately the series is a forgone conclusion.

I will try not to spoil what happens. There is so much evidence which doesn't make sense and stories which are very clearly fabricated and suspects and leads which the police do not chase up before charging Avery.

2. Its real. I mean actually real. These guys are still in prison. Its insane.

3. It makes you angry. There were times I wanted to throw things at the TV.

4. It makes you cry. It doesn't matter that we all know he's going to be found guilty, it still breaks your heart.

5. Its not over. This is still happening. These men are still in prison, every day, trying to prove that they're innocent. If nothing else gets to you it should be that a man has served over 28 years in prison and a guy has spent all of his adult life, since 16, in prison for over 10 years now.

It is, in my opinion, one of the best documentary series that I have seen. I did documentary film at university and love this type of this so maybe I am bias, but maybe I am more picky? All I know is that both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are innocent. I would wage my house on that.

So if you've not seen it, get your ass on Netflix. Seriously.

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  1. i watched this series last week and was astounded by the whole thing, it made me question what was potentially left out of the documentary which maybe proved his guilt but i came to the conclusion he is most definitely innocent and even if he wasn't there was/is definitely not enough solid evidence to prove it. He did not have a fair trial. Very sad. x


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