Moving Stress & Check List.

I'm moving. I've announced that already. But here I am to share some tips of how I've been able to reduce the stress and get organised which preparing to move.

1. Realise you have a lot to do.
Kids, Pets, just yourselves, no matter how many of you there are its going to feel like you've got a lot to do and thats okay.

2. Make a list.
Im talking accounts to move over, to packing up rooms or sections of your house to making sure you get the cat sorted. Make a list.

3. Work out the deadlines.
Here's some examples. We need to paint the new flat, paint the current house, get the boiler serviced, take the cat to the vet (he does not deal with traveling, we need to knock him out with drugs, its the safest & nicest thing for him). We then worked out when we need to do these things by.

4. Make a schedule.
Work out when you will have the time to do everything you need. Space it out. Don't do 40 admin tasks in one day, just do 3/4 a day for 10 days - yawn.

5. Stick to it.
We're struggling right now cause we've put a few things back. If you stick to it, the list gets smaller, not bigger.

6. Breathe.
It'll be over soon.

7. Try not to kill each other.

Oh and quickly, don't forget to switch the following. You'll thank me for it.

  • Bank Accounts/Savings
  • Phone Contracts
  • Car Insurance
  • Car Ownership
  • Contents Insurance
  • Council Tax
  • Gas/Electric/water accounts

...and other yawn fest things. Trust me though, you'll forget at least one of these things!

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