Pixi Book of Beauty Glow Getters

The Pixi Book of Beauty - Glow Getters was one of my favourite Christmas presents. I hadn't really asked for anything but my mother did a brilliant job of picking this out for me in the M&S beauty hall. I did not know M&S had Pixi and this has opened up a whole new world of make up and skincare for me as well, you cant get hold of a lot in person in a small city/town.

This book is a stunning collection of six amazing highlighters/blushes/bronzer shades. I've been really into contouring and highlighting so this was the prefect time for my to try it out. When you open the book landscape that the top three (of the left strip if you open it portrait) are the highlighters, then You've got blush/bronze options in the other three. These compliment each other perfectly and you can do a whole face of power with these. I've even used lightest highlighting shade as a shimmery base for eyeshadow. 

The formulas of these are great. Not too powdery, not too buttery. They don't move your make up when you apply like some thicker products do and once on they seem to last for hours and hours. I've used this every day since I got it and it's fast become a firm favourite.

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  1. They look like such gorgeous colours! Definitely need to run to my local M&S and check out some Pixi products. I have heard amazing things about their skincare products too!

    Kiran | www.alittlekiran.co.uk

    1. I know, always wanted to try the glow tonic and would put it in my basket from asos all the time. Now I can try it out/have a proper look in store x

  2. Oh gosh I've been wanting to try this so much! Didn't know M&S did Pixi either! I'm totally going to have to do a massive haul now!

    1. Its great isnt it, a whole selection in store not just online. Its great x


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