Star Wars The Force Awakens

As you will see later on in the week in my first vlog, Im struggling for room to take good pictures in and frankly, I have other fish to fry. So here I am sharing my thoughts on a topic which doesn't involve the need to take my camera out. The new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, has been out now for a long time. If you've still not seen it then please do not complain about spoilers!

What I really want to talk about is Rey and what an important character she is. I've covered some topics recently such as Tampons, Body Shaming and being a Feminist and its clear, I think, that these are things I care about. I don't want my daughter (in the long, distant future) to grow up and have strong female role models. Everyone from her mother to the characters she idolises from fiction. I had Ripley and millions of young girls have Rey and to me that is very important.

It's been a long time since we've seen such a strong female character, unless you count the dinosaurs in Jurassic World. Especially in the Star Wars world, Carrie Fisher might be a bad ass but there's always room for more in a predominately white, male cast for more a more realistic reflection of society. The Force Awakens includes both a strong female and a strong black character. Its about bloody time to be honest. Race and diversity within Film is another issue and one that I might tackle at some point but not within this piece. How wonderful would it be if Hollywood films reflected the real world in any sense at all. One day, please?

Rey is awesome. To cover the basics, she doesn't get naked, fall in love or need saving. She also doesn't need her hand holding when running for life. She's more than capable of running herself and leading and savings the god damn day, over and over again.

i love her less than glamourous appearance, the lack of sexualisation of her character. She's a woman, not a play thing or something for the men to fight over. She wears functional clothing but still looks amazing and theres been no need, so far, to put her in a gold bikini. She instantly earns the respect of the male characters from the new to the classic Han Solo.

On a more actor based level, Daisy Ridley commands the screen. Its incredible to think that pre-Star Wars some of her biggest roles were Silent Witness and Casualty. Its wonderful that the Star Wars legacy is still going on to cast unknown actors in major parts and tapping into fresh talent. With a performance as incredible as this one I knew Rey will become as much as a start out as Leia herself.

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