27 Things

As some people might know, it was my birthday on the 23rd June. I turned the ripe age of 27 and boy oh boy was that scary. Im actually writing this before my birthday in the full swing of my fingers in ears "I'm not turning 27, la la la" phase. Obviously by the time this goes up, I will be 27. So heres an list of the 27 things, or some life lessons I've learnt from my twenties and  life so far that might be worth sharing. For now.

1. Happiness is temporary and it should be.
2. Pain is also temporary but it might not always feel that way.
3. Things dont get much better. You still wont know what you're doing in you mid 20s at least.
4. Everything you see is your perception of the world, not fact. Especially what you see in the mirror.
5. No harm ever came from learning more.
6. Drawing a circle free hand is really hard.
7. Learning to cook, even basic food, will help everything (finances, health, you name it).
8. Listen to advice from anyone who will offer.
9. Only follow the advice of those you trust are out for your best interest.
10. "Family" is fluid term. Blood is not always thicker than water.
11. There will always be a political scandal.
12. You can help to cause change but probably not from your keyboard or sharing videos on FB.
13. Not all change is bad. Not all change is good.
14. Pick your battles.
15. Make more time for the things you love and the people you care about.
16. Move away and learn who your real friends are.
17. Stretch.
18. Theres a reason doing certain subjects in school are compulsory. If i could go back now and do Maths & science for A Level I would.
19. Spend some time alone in your 20s. Learn who you are without a partner or your best friend you've had forever.
20. Learn to look after yourself both physically and emotionally.
21. Tell people how you feel but only if its a positive for at least one of you (I wouldn't advise just telling someone you think they're a twat unless the pay off for you emotionally is totally worth never speaking to that person again).
22. It's okay to ask for help or to admit you're not okay.
23. As soon as you can, find 10 things that interest you and then try them out. One of them might be your passion & what you're meant to do with your life or it'll be a complete waste of time. Coin toss.
24. One day you'll wake up and realise that your parents are human and it will disappoint you. Forgive them for the small stuff.
25. Forgive people for the big stuff. Move on, learn from it. Bitterness is an ugly emotion.
26. At some point as a young adult you're going to realise that you don't know what you want to do with your life. Mine is now at 27 and that is terrifying but also an amazing opportunity.
27. Breathe.

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