Freshen up your Home for Summer

With Summer fast approaching (and lets hope we do get more of it this year) I love to mix things up around the flat and clear out the winter cobwebs. So heres my tips on how to freshen up your home for summer from the simple touches to the more major changes.

Fresh Paint - Theres something so lovely about freshly painted walls. From magnolia to white was our biggest change this Spring but you might also want to simply re-paint your front door (like we did, here) or add a feature wall. Your home is a blank canvas, why not throw some colour around and breathe some new life into the place or even just freshen it up a little.

New towels, cushions, bed sheets or even new curtains can really give a room a new lease of life. This bed set, Strandkrypa pictured, was from Ikea just a few weeks ago and it's the first time I put them on and the inspiration for the post. Matt picked them but I couldn't love them more. I know florals can be a little cliché for spring/summer but some clichés become cliché for a reason.

We also recently bought some new cushions for the living room, finally decked the flat out with curtains and finished the window seat (check out all the moving vlogs here). Finishing off projects and making your home feel a little more 'finished' can really help. Plus you can continue that new splash of colour with the smaller things you add to your home (and its a bit less committal to buy a yellow cushion than it is to paint a wall )

New kitchenware always seems to perk things up for me. From Salad bowls to serving plates or even just a new dinnerware set this can really help you to enjoy your kitchen in the summer months (even if its just when you have to run inside from the rain mid barbecue!) You could even pick some things up on holiday, like we did and take some sunshine home.

Finally, probably the most obvious one, greenery. Sadly our little kitty loves to chom on most plants but adding some leafy touches to your home will make it feel fresher, brighter and magically your inside air will probably feel better too!

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  1. I love changing my room around for seasons, I normally tend to get more bright and colourful cushions and bed sheets and candles for the summer x


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