Heat Free Hair

It's been over 4 months since I used any form of heat on my hair. This includes hair dryers, straighteners, curling wands..you name it. Today I am going to share with you the effect this has had on my hair and how Im not 100% sure I could ever go back to my heated ways.

I decided not to use any heat on my hair on the day of the move about 4 months ago while flicking through old pictures and realising how much damage heat was still doing to my hair despite not colouring it for almost an entire year (well over a year now).  It was hard to begin with but now I don't notice it at all and I get to sleep more as I don't have to "do" my hair in the morning. By "do" I mean torture it between two hot plates and sap all the natural moisture out of it and weaken it till it breaks. 

4 months later and hopefully it looks better as well as feeling stronger and smoother. However there are a few things to remember. You can't repair damage. I do have mixed feeling about this one but generally speaking, you cant repair damage. Split ends need to be chopped off. If your hair is breaking off, you do need to bite the bullet and cut it off. Heat isn't the only cause of damage. If you've bleached your hair, or are still bleaching it while refraining from heat, you're still damaging your hair. The brushes you use, products and environmental factors are also still causes of damage. 

So if, like me, you realise you need to look after your hair more make sure you team heat free/reduced with better quality products, grooming tools and a bloody good hair cut!

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  1. I try and use no heat on my hair at all, and only curl my hair for special occasions and the difference in my hair is AMAZING

    Sophie xx

    1. you have lovely hair too! No heat is totally the way forward x


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