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How to take a blogging break without reducing your views, engagement and blog progress is one of the hardest things to do. I've accidentally taken a few big ones. One for several months when I started a new job back in 2014 and I just didn't have time to blog at all (and work, have time for family, health, sleep) and just recently when we moved and the flat was just an absolute mess and there was no where to take photos or write or even move. I covered How to be Blogging Organised in a post which was super popular so here are my tips on how to take breaks without anyone noticing or your blog taking too much of a hit.

Be Blogging Organised to the extreme
Sounds like an obvious one but all the tips in my past post will really help. Allocating time, writing in bulk, taking lots of photographs in advance and recycling photographs means you can get ahead. I'm writing this on an idle Tuesday morning with over a week and halves content already written, photographed and scheduled. I don't know when this will go up but having the odd post waiting means you can take a short break at least without anyone being any the wiser.

Guest Posts
One, writing for other blogs is super beneficial for good SEO and also tapping into other peoples circles of followers. Taking a break and asking people to blog for you is ideal because who wouldn't want to get free exposure on your little space of the www? Make sure you vet who posts for you, approve the content before hand and also make sure their photography is up to scratch and you've got some free content which is still going to bring traffic to your site and a new pool of readers to you too, not just them. Guest posting is mutually beneficial.

Reduce the amount you post.
If you need a longer break than a long weekend or a week away, then so so. Theres always going to be times in our lives where we need a month or two and although I've been terrible at this, dropping for 7/5/3 posts a week to 5/3/even 1 will still keep your readers happy and lets face it, one post a week thats good is so much better than 3 where the content is a little so so. This way you could spend just one day a month creating some content before your world gets crazy and you just have no time.

Engagement is so important and something I really want to improve on my blog. I take the time to read more blogs now, not only for inspiration but I leave comments, share the best posts and even drop my link too (another great SEO tip). This means that say 10 minutes a week keeps you engaged with the community. People wont think you've died. Also taking the time to reply to comments people have left for you, tweets and emails promptly can take just a few minutes a day and again, people wont think you've died, or worse, rude. Keep them coming back and thinking you're worth engaging with (even if you are only posting once a week)

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