Health Motivation

Im calling this post "Health Motivation" because I know that for many people going to the gym or having a particular diet might not work or make you feel better. For some nothing works, which sucks ass and you have my endless sympathy. My blog is not a platform which I intend to use to make anyone feel bad or shame in any way. Trust me when I say, I've been there and still get hate now about my size, shape and general physical appearance. This post is designed to share some little tips for motivating yourself to do what ever makes you feel better regardless if thats training for a marathon, trying meal replacements* to lose weight, taking your pooch out more for walks or simply watching what you eat or drinking more water (because dont get me started on how sick water can make you if you're not used to starting the day with a litre of the stuff).

Self Love
Whatever method you use to boost your health, its an act of self-love. Any method, from simply putting down that naughty treat because you know you've had a bit too much recently, to deciding to go on a Pokemon Go walk is investing in your body & your health. Who cares if you're trying to loose weight, put on muscle or simply just cut out the crap - you're doing it because your health is worth that little extra effort.

The Dread before the Storm
Its easy to feel that feeling. You know the one. "Ill start my diet tomorrow/at the weekend/monday" "I dont feel like going for a walk" "I just want one more biscuit" and it is an uphill battle. Just like working on anything, your home, your career, your education, even friendships, your health needs work and effort to be the best it can be. It is more effort to cook from scratch than to order take out and its 100% more effort to collect that take out than it is to get it delivered for £1. That feeling just before you do something which is more effort but better for you in the long run wont last (see the After Glow section)

After Glow
After a good work out, walk or a week of healthier eating you always feel boosted. I know after a gym session I always feel so much better knowing I've ticked off my cardio for the week or after I decided to limit my chocolate consumption to just 3 bars a day (you think I'm kidding, sugar is my ultimate vice!!).

Some results can come really quickly. For me increasing my water intake makes me feel better later that day, exercise takes about a week and healthy eating also about a week. I know the first time you sign up for a fitness class, tackle that hill on the way to work rather than getting the bus or try to make your first lasagne from scratch things are hard.  Some results take longer. Like Marathon training (ouch) or changing your body significantly but I still believe you can start to notice changes within a few weeks. If only we could fast forward to the part where we feel ultimately really good about ourselves and realise how much we've achieved.

Documenting your change, by blogging or instagramming healthy meals, using a fitness or diet tracker or progress photos of your fitness journey can be an amazing boost. I know taking photos of the "before" stages can be painful but they're just for you and in a few weeks time youll be so glad you did. I love looking back at mine now. I can honestly say that in April 2015 I looked pregnant. I wasn't, but I looked it.

What journey are you going on and what works best for you? If you liked this post then I have more tips on Improving your Diet, loads of recipes and a new fitness progress series coming soon on my blog (Once I've made some actual progress!!).

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  1. 3 bars a day. . .we should be best friends. I am going to the gym tonight for the first time ever, wish me luck! My biggest worry is looking like an idiot because I am wearing silly clothes or the wrong shoes etc. Weird how nervous I am about it, you'd think it was a date. Great post xxx

    AlLittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Oh bless you, its so scary the first time! Ill be posting what I do in the gym soon so hopefully that will help you but just go in, do your stuff and youll be fine. you realise quickly that everyone else is focusing on their work out anyway :)


  2. Loved reading this post! I've actually never thought it like that, but thinking about it now I think it's so important to look everything you do on the health front through self love. Because like you said, ultimately we're doing the things just because of that! xx


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