Sleek Cream Contour Kit

Contouring is new ground for me. As a naturally super pale girl, it always scared me. To be honest, its only been the last year or so I've been able to use bronzer without feeling orange and now I feel it is my beauty blogger duty to try out the new trends and basically stop being such a wuss.

The sleek Contour kit comes in 3 shades so you can pick the right kit for you. I chose light as I am super pale and with 6 shades within each kit I figured at least one would be the right colour for me. First thing is the packaging is great. The standard matt black finish of the Sleek packaging is always nice but this product is very large meaning it has a good sized mirror in it (perfect for travel, right) without being too big to not take on a one night trip. My only criticism would be that the compact only opens up at a 90 degree angle rather than 180, so less handy than some of my other compacts but still pretty good.

Product wise I noticed was that the lighter shades in the compact are really light, even struggling for pigment but useful for some highlighting too. I used shade number 5 (numbered left to right) to begin with which was darker and much more pigmented than I expected but a good cool neutral shade. The last thing anyone wants with a contour is to look orange. Pigmented but very blendable, I didn't struggle to use this and now several applications later I might be a contour convert. This isn't something I would use every day but with a moon face like mine its nice to be able to change my shape to my choosing.

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  1. I am obsessed with a good contour! im actually quite surprised at how cool these are a lot of drugstore contour products are really warm im talking red haha!

    1. Yes, this is 100% what drew me to trying out this one. I hate warm toned contours and bronzers, they just dont work for me! x

  2. I loveee a contour kit and this one looks beaut!


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