Chocolate Steak? Xocolat Spiced Infusions

Chocolate steak.

Im just gonna let that sink in a little bit. Chocolate Steak. Weird? Or absolutely beautiful? Xocolat do many products and I'm not one to turn down trying anything with chocolate in the title or description. These meat rubs of Chocolate Spice Fusions* with several different rubs for different flavours to suit different meats from Jerk Seasoning for chicken to Smoked Paprika Seasoning with Chocolate. Yes, Chocolate.

Im not going to lie, I was a little skeptical. When you buy a steak, personally, smothering it in something as strange as Chocolate seasoning isnt something I would normally do. As you'll see from both the Pork Loin Steak & the Beef Rump steak, these seasons make them look to die for. Perfecting instagram-able food with the flavour to match. I wish you could smell or taste food through the screen sometimes, this is one of them.

What you can see here is the Smoked Paprika Seasoning with Chocolate & the Steak Seasoning with Chocolate in full swing. Simply smother your chosen meat in the seasoning at least 20 minutes before and cook as normal. I've been griddle panning the meat, for that extra sizzle and those beautiful cooking lines. Serve with your chosen accompaniment. I chose salad and a jacket spud for each but that part is entirely personal choice. 

My pork loin was beautiful, really full of flavour but a subtle mixture of the paprika and coco complimenting each other nicely. The beef steak come out with a stronger mix of many flavours (Coco, obviously, paprika, garlic, onion, parsley, coriander) and this is probably our favourite of the bunch. 

What do you think of chocolate steak? Will you be trying any of the Xocolat range? 

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