How to Increase your Numbers

We're talking blogging numbers this morning. A bit of a taboo in the blogging world maybe but lets be honest, without any numbers none of us would write, would we? I mean I blog for myself but if no one read it I'd be pretty bummed out.

In July I've managed to increase my views by over 25% so here are my tips from going from zero to less of a loser at least!

For the past two months I've blogged and vlogged on a regular basis. Three blog posts a week and normally a video a week too (although I've been less strict on that one). It doesn't matter how much content you create but readers want to know that fresh content is coming, which gives them a reason to return.

Content is King
Content is king isnt always true. The 80/20 split favouring promotion over content creation is one I try to keep to but theres no point in promoting trash. Simple as.
Treating your blog like a website is also key. It seems the current advice is "write what you want" but really if you want people to read your blog then you're gonna have to write articles that people want to read. Sounds a little harsh, sounds a little cynical maybe but lets face the truth. If your photography is bad and your articles uninspiring then people wont read it.

Engagement works both ways. I see more comments and activity on my social media channels the more I engage with others. Comment, Like, start conversations. You'll get it back and people will see how supportive you are and want to be supportive of you. The more you comment with a relevant comment (dont just leave "great post *link*") the more backlinks you're creating too. Bonus DA. Also twitter chats should go without saying really but are a great way to find new blogs you love and share your blog with others. I have all of the relevant ones saved in my phone and although I don't attend every single one, its good to know when they are so I can join in if I can.

The Snowball Effect
The more followers you get, the more people you have that you know are getting your new posts on their twitter, bloglovin, instagram etc. Your post is being shoved under the noses of x amount of people. The more people there are, the more clicks you'll get. Throughout my 4 years of blogging I've never hit a plateau. They normally go up up up until I get busy or lose interest and then stay at a reasonable level then dip. So if you keep going with doing your thing and engaging with the community then they should go up! (fingers crossed)

Need more blogging tips in your life?

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  1. Do you find posting to a schedule helps? I've been trying to implement one but I am worried it will put more pressure on myself.
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