Life Update

Why try and think of a different title? Sometimes its good to call a spade a spade.

Today's post is a quick life update, to check in and announce a few small changes to AliceRose.Co

We moved back in February and it seems like a life time ago now. You can check out all my vlogs documenting the move and see how we've decorated the flat (its all white, I'm not going to lie!). When we first moved I had about a week off to literally sort our shit out and then back to work but at my company's sister office in Scotland. Sadly the office, based in Falkirk, was over an hour away and three months later I chose not to extend my contract and since have been to Cuba and I've done a ridiculous amount of DIY. But DIY vlogs and lots of blogging aside, eventually I knew I both needed and wanted to get back to work. Three months of being out of work is a long time and trust me it wasn't for lack of trying.

In three months I must of applied for over 100 jobs, some temporary, some ultimate dream jobs and some standard customer service. Theres nothing wrong with customer service, dont get me wrong. When in customer service, like my last job, I enjoy it and I am good at my job but the idea of doing it forever scared me. I'd like to think I am a creative person and simply office work doesn't lend its hand to that or allowing that to flourish. Enjoyment aside, some jobs are just boring.

Recently, as in a few weeks after I've posted this blog post so I've updated it, Ive been offered a new job. Working in the operations side of a construction and maintenance company, its taking what Ive done before and taking out the customer service aspect.

So in the face of not really knowing what I want to do for the next 40 years of my working life, I've been temping. Temping has been great. Ive thankfully not been anywhere for less than two weeks and that allows me to get settled and know the job for a little while and not get too anxious over where I' going each morning. Working 45 hours for the past two weeks has made me realise though that blogging and being as active in the community just isn't possible. Ever a stickler for consistency I'll be dropping down to two posts a week rather than three, which I re-adjust to work and life. I know I can write two posts, either on a weekend with a brew like this morning or in a few evenings after work. I dont want to produce poor quality content and I dont want to stretch myself too thin.

So I'm still here, I'm still committed to my blog and I love the friends and opportunities I've had since moving and getting myself back into blogging. I'll still be trying to produce a mixture of beauty, lifestyle, fitness & foodie posts with the occasional youtube video too. So let me know what content you prefer and I can maybe focus a little bit more and make content people want to read as well as content I enjoy writing.

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  1. Same, my love. Same.

    We should meet up for cake and have a life-planning session!

    Lis / last year's girl x


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