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As you may know, my all time favourite concealer has been the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer and has been since I bought it. It has been my absolute go to product for under the eyes. Im lucky that medication, lifestyle and skincare choices keeps my adult acne at bay so I rarely need concealer for break outs. (Trust me, my skin is seriously angry without the steps I take, I can barely put my face on a pillow for pain but thats maybe another blog post).

I am, as all beauty bloggers are, always on the look out for better products or better but for less money. I'm not really sure if the NYX HD Photogenic concealers are better but at £5.50 a pop, they are much cheaper and affordable and a little bit more of an all rounder.  For me I have some products which are just good for under my eyes and others just for break outs. It also has no talc or parabens which is a plus, is cruelty free and lasts for up to 6 months from opening.  

Thankfully the NYX is an all rounder. Ive been trying the range in CW01 porcelain, which i believe is the lightest shade and also CW10 which is their yellow version, perfect for balancing out dark under eye circles (their words). For the past two-three weeks I've been using this combo everyday. Applying the CW10 yellow under the eyes, the applying the CW01 to anywhere which needs more coverage and then finally under the eyes. I find the CW01 perfect for highlighting and covering, which is rare. Normally a concealer is normally too bright and just draws attention to break outs or isn't bright enough to really lift the eye area. I find this offering from NYX applies well (normally with my contour brush from Real Techniques which is big and fluffy) and lasts all day with only a small amount of creasing. 

They both have a good pigment level, not too thick, not too thin in formula either and at £11 for the pair, great value too. I do worry about the shade range, only 11 shades including the colour correctors so there might not be a shade for every skin tone but it is nice to have colour correctors which match well with concealer as you do normally use them hand in hand.

My only real gripe is that all the writing has come completely off my CW10 yellow which is messy, leaves me with black on my hands and also its then hard to read anything on there but thats probably down to something else I had used. Whats weird is that if it was my toner or something on my hands then why didn't it also affect my CW01? strange.

Over all I'm very pleased with these two. I would probably re-purchase depending on how long they last and also am keen to pick up CW12 Green which is meant to be good to balance out red tones which is handy as I have some red scaring right near my eye. Would you give these a go?

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  1. I LOVE this concealer! I have the shade Porcelain but I really want to try a couple of the coloured versions next xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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