Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

Highlighting and Strobing...the trends have done the rounds and honestly I was very late to this party. I do have a few highlighters but when I saw the Sleek Previous Metals Highlighting Palette I was in love. The colours looked insane but also very wearable for summer. Bronzed colours, rather than unwearable bright blues and glittery messes, these look natural and sun-kissed in the palette.

L-R Platinum, Royal Gold, Renaissance Gold & Antique Bronze

A change from Sleeks normally Matte Black packaging, these come in high shine mirrored cases. Almost impossible to photograph but beautiful in real life. The colours themselves are named, something you dont always get. This particular palette has three of their "velvet cream" formula and one powder. I was skeptical of the cream formula, always worrying with cream products that they wont last or they wont blend but in fact the cream formulas apply and blend as well as, if not better than the powder. The first cream is Platinum and is the palest of the colours. White with a secret pearlescent shimmer this is beautiful but possibly the least wearable. Royal Gold & Renaissance Gold are also cream finishes and very wearable. Golden hues make a bronzed summer look come to life. Something which is almost making me sad on this dull summers day in Glasgow.  The powder shade, Antique Bronze, has a lot of colour pay off but also a lot of fall out. I'd be careful with your brush with this one but applied it is a stunning bronze colour. All four shades stay put all day for me and this is a welcome addition to my collection.

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  1. Oh wow that's such a gorgeous palette, and so affordable too xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. That palette is gorgeous! I NEED IT!!

    Emily xo


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