Body Confidence, at any size

If you've ever been in a group of friends and heard the thinnest/smallest member still complain about there size/hips/bum etc and judged them, well shame on you. Theres been lots of talk recently about people, famous or not, being brave for posing in nothing or nearly nothing. I don't disagree that you're not brave to post a bikini picture but if a slim or smaller person posts a similar picture then the comments lean more towards showing off as apposed just how brave they are; which is just as brave as any other size or shape.

The term perfect body is completely subjective. For women it will be a slim figure, no bigger than a certain size depending on height. for others athletic figures fit the bill, or hourglass (which isn't a size, but a shape). Others like a big booty, or more commonly known as a pear shape. Its really personal preference. What ideal you have in your mind could be completely different to the woman or girl sat next to you. You could hate your shape and size but the woman who just went past you on the street was thinking"wow, she's killing it". You never know.

I've been "too big", "too small" and practically every size in between and can tell you know, it doesn't really change how you feel when you look in the mirror. If you hate one particular part of yourself then unless you're a power house and really change it or opt for an easier, albeit more drastic option of surgery then you probably will carry that with you forever. You can be a healthy size 10 with the perfect BMI but if you hate how much or how little you have in the chest or booty department then you wont be happy. You could hate your arms, your thighs, you name it. Being on the smaller/healthier end of the scale doesn't mean you're 100% happy with what you see staring back you.

Take me for example. I've hated my body for as long as I've been aware of it and the space it occupied. Like I said earlier I've been "too big", "too small" and practically every size in between . Right now I am reasonably happy, healthy and fit comfortably in my clothes. I dont criticise every element of my body when I look in the mirror but theres always going to be things I'm not happy with. Some times I feel like I look too small, others too big. The scales never change but thats just how I feel.

I think its wonderful when women post photos of themselves and basically give a big finger to beauty standards. No one should be ably to tell anyone that you shouldn't be happy with your body and have body confidence. What needs to change is the idea that someone slimmer obviously has body confidence and that its only brave to post a bikini picture if you're overweight. Everyone is brave for sharing that and for putting themselves up to public scrutiny.

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  1. I've been everywhere between a size 8 and 14 and I have to agree, that nowhere makes you happier. At the moment I'm a size 14, and whilst I have body hang ups, I have no more than my size 6 sister does. I definitely think that anyone who shows their body off is praised, and we should all be treated in the same way!

    Steph -


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