Rimmel Wonderful Mascara with Argan Oil

If you're looking for an affordable mascara then the Rimmel Wonderful Mascara with Argan Oil might just be the one. I picked this up a few months ago as I like to keep a spare and a few weeks ago I cracked it open. When it comes to mascara I dont see the benefit of buying high end. I've liked high end mascaras but really, I dont see much of a difference.

The Rimmel Wonderful Mascara is the only mascara I know of with Argan Oil which obviously has the benefits of hopefully conditioning my lashes at the same time. I like to think its helping but its obviously too early to tell and I'd need to take before and after photos to see if there was any significant difference. If there are any other similar mascaras please let me know in the comments.

I love the packaging. Simple but lovely colours which looks more expensive than plastic. Its a large tube too, making the brush easy to hold during application. The mascara comes with a plastic brush which is pretty big but small bristles so its great for creating long lashes. So long that in work I asked if I was wearing false lashes. It's also detailed enough that I've managed to do my bottom lashes too. The formula of the mascara itself is great too. Ive not flakes, no transfer and very very black.

Have you tried the Rimmel Wonderful Mascara with Argan Oil?

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