Sausage Party

A film review? How refreshing right. has been a solid mixture of beauty, food & health for over a month now. Im here to mix things up with a film review. We don't go to the cinema a massive amount because, yikes its expensive these days. I do, however, have a first class film degree from the University of Kent and there really is nothing I enjoy more than a decent film or TV series. So here I am with another film review (I also reviewed Star Wars The Force Awakens not that long ago).

Sausage Party is out RIGHT NOW and is a animated film that is 100% for adults. This isnt no Shrek with some humour to save the adults from killing themselves, this really is an adult film. If tacos eating out hot dog buns and the word cunt offends, dont go and see this.

The premise of the film is simple. A world where food is alive and is blissfully disillusioned into believing being chosen in the supermarket was going to the "great beyond" or some kind of paradise rather than being skinned, chopped, boiled or even just eaten alive. Frank, a sausage (get it?), hears differently and starts his quest to find out the truth. Its basically a religion made up by the non-perishables to make their lives easier. Genius. Eventually everyone knows the truth and the food rebels, attacking the humans or "gods" and they celebrate with a massive orgy. I swear the orgy scene alone is enough to make this a 15. I think after that they just asked how much more could they get away with before it went up to an 18.

Whats great about this film is mixed. Theres the obvious cast of Seth Rogan, Kristin Wig, Paul Rudd..with comedy to match and the type of stoopid things you'd expect from anything that was written (in part) by Rogan. But theres also so much more. This film is funny but its the hints and the piss takes that really make this film more than just a comedy. Racial stereotypes, jibes at religion and eventually a strong fluidity of sexuality (lesbian taco eating out a, until this moment, straight hot dog bun) point fun at most of the worlds biggest conflicts and most regressive attitudes that sadly still exist.

As a feminist, there was a lack of really strong female character but it didn't bother me as much as other films recently (Jurassic World for example). Overall I would say this film is a great way to spend an hour and a half and it'll be interesting to see if Rogan and Co decide to go for the sequel. I know he has already said he would be keen to do more adult animation films which I readily await. Below I've put the trailer. Would you go and see Sausage Party?

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  1. I watched this the other day and although I found it quite funny, towards the end it got a bit weird and was a bit too much. I do love Seth & Co though!



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