What I do at the Gym

If you're a gym newbie or struggling for direction, like I was when I re-joined the gym post move, then this little post might help you. Going to the gym can be really hard and knowing what areas to hit and when is even harder. Here are the key areas I do once a week over 3 gym visits. This list gives me direction and makes sure I go in targeted and confident. I do one or two sections each session, so sad cardio and legs or Push and core. I try not to do push & pull on the same day cause ouch!!

About 20 minutes either on treadmill or bike. Simple. 

3 sets of each, increasing weight where possible.
Back Squats x 12
Leg Press x12
Split Squats x12
Leg extension x12

Arms - Push
3 sets of each, increasing weight where possible.
Bench Press x12
Shoulder Press x12
Fly x12
Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension x 12

Arms - Pull
3 sets of each, increasing weight where possible.
Rows x12
Biceps curls  x12
Back Rows on Pull Back Machine x12
Dead Lifts x12 (pyramid sets)

3 sets of each.
Sit Up Bench Sit ups x 12
Floor: Judo Sit ups x 12
Ball Twists x 12
Leg lifts x 12
overhead sit ups x 12
Plank - 30 seconds

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  1. So interesting to read this - it sounds like you do quite a lot! Well done.


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