As you can see from the new banner and photos above, theres lots going to be happening on to see out the new year. Its been a crazy year, personally, for and for the whole world. You can read my thoughts on recent events in my new and improved lifestyle section.

The direction my blog is going seems to have been the topic of many a sleepless night. Most recently I have been tackling really important issues but also wanting to share with you some new content in more traditional theme. As in my last post Lipstick and/or Politics I think its more than okay to mix the many different subjects we feel passionate about on our blogs and I hope you agree.

From now on the focus is going to be on quality and sharing what I love. What is the point in writing a blog post just fill a scheduled slot? Ill be mixing up my content but get ready to finally see more beauty posts, both make up and skincare as well as more travel (as an when I can, because I work full time and dont have unlimited holidays sadly), more food, more lifestyle. I really hope you enjoy the content that I'm going to be creating and the direction I'm moving in overall.

Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and questions below.

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