Breathing Space

Sometimes its a good thing to take a little break. For the past few months I'd felt stretched. Like butter over too much bread. I've been away for a whole month now, in order to take a well needed rest and hopefully get a head with blog content. Whats really happened is I had a break, I have some family turmoil, a potential financial crisis (all sorted, but still a big stress at the time) and now I am currently sat on my sofa signed off from work with acute back pain. I am on a cocktail of pain killers and physio (every two hours, two. TWO). I legally cant drive due to my medication. So here I am, updating you on the future of because I cant go to work or anything at all.

So what direction have I decided to go in? Frankly, I dont know. Blog wise I am a little lost. I don't know whats right for my audience and for me. I love make up and beauty and enjoy writing about it but feel sad that I dont tackle more serious subjects or make a real difference to anything.

I have a job I enjoy, a man in my life who I love and I want to be able to enjoy that security and tackle issues that really matter. I don't know if this means I'm going to blog more, less, the same. I dont know if this means ditching the beauty posts and focusing more on lifestyle but I do know is that I want to continue writing and for November Im going to just write what I want, on the day (because I'm off and I cant knock up a blog post pretty quickly most of the time). We're going to see how that goes for a month or so and maybe I'll find my footing. For now I'd love any and all feedback on what you love, what you're less keen on and why you read you my blog.

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  1. Good for you lovely. Do what you need to do. Emma x


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