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We are in the post-truth era, or so the TV & heartbreaking news articles keep telling me. In a world where beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogging has become a new medium where users review and recommend products, where bloggers live of their opinions and personalities and ordinary people get to write about things they love; How does it feel to want to write about other things? Well, it stinks. was built on pretty superficial foundations. Firstly as a fashion blogger, then re-branded and based mainly in beauty, food & lifestyle with some interiors and what ever else I pleased. As 2016 as progressed I've felt the need to include more and more of that "what ever else I pleased" category. Its important to strike some balance between audience and writer. That balance is one I am struggling with now as views plunge because my posts are not the happy, sugar coated beauty posts they once were.

I am no fool. I am not going to turn 1500 readers of recipes and lipstick posts into political or feminist activists overnight (heck, I'm far from an activist myself).  But it is up to everyone to try and positively influence the audience that we do have. The weight can not be bared by the small few alone. I am extremely saddened by the silence of our community regarding recent events.

Silence helps no one.

In the wake of recent events its been hard to get excited about make up or fashion trends or to even do anything as simple as christmas shop. My twitter feed is full of the joy of christmas gift guides and the best picks from the sales. I do not criticise anyone but I have struggled to feel inspired by the every day. I wonder if I can really blog about that new lipstick or if my time shouldn't be spent writing about the rise in hate crime over night in the US or issues this side of the atlantic.

The question is, do I have to make that choice? What is wrong with enjoying writing about issues and trying to inspire people to do more in their communities and also about the 14 new eye shadow palettes I appear to have purchased recently? The answer is nothing. Its okay to have varied interests. Its not okay for the world to gender stereotype us and then persecute us for the persona we have all been given, just for being female. Being a beauty blogger does not make you less than. Being a beauty blogger does not mean you can't speak out about the problems you see in the world. The problem is, not enough do.

So is going to continue ranting, even if my posts only receive a small amount of views or only the odd comment or two. Knowing that a few people read and agree or my post at least sparked some discussion is the main thing. Im also going to continue blogging about what I love, so you might see some of those eyeshadow palettes appearing on here and you never know, I might stop making the same 4/5 soups on rotation and get some new recipes up as well.

The point is, you can care about more than one thing. We are not lesser than.

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  1. I'm actually so excited to see more ranty posts, more feminist chats and all that kind of jazz. I found it really hard on the day that the election results were revealed to actually sit there and think about blogging my 'normal' things or even talking on social media about anything else, because it just felt like it no longer mattered.

    Steph -


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