Mac Pro Palette - Rule & Brick Red

Winter has taken full control over Scotland. In Glasgow we have already seen Snow and I cant remember a day in November so far where I haven't needed the heating on. I also couldn't remember the last time I spent any significant money on make up. I bought the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette and also the Charlotte Tilbury Uptown Girl Palette but I still felt there were a few A/W shades missing from my collection and this was stopping me from creating that warm, orangey red browny eyes I'd longed for. I looked online for the perfect orange and the perfect red. I almost brought a Nars duo but the pigmentation was not as strong as the colours I'd swatched in Mac. Having never purchased Mac eyeshadows before (I know, I know), I went for a a Modular Pro Palette duo to keep the two shadows perfectly together.

I went for Rule - a vivid true orange which goes perfectly with the browns in my Cocoa Blend beautifully and Red Brick - an orange tones red which is great for going a daring step further. Red and orange eyeshadow are new for me. The idea of putting red of my eyelids seems insane but I love the colours I've chosen, the pigmentation, the longevity.  As you can see their pigmentation game is strong. Almost too strong. When using such bright colours I would advise caution and not to just sploosh them around on your lids without any thought. Trust me. I'd advise going in with a small amount and building up the colour slowly. Thankfully, once your achieved the desired look these shadows do not budge. As always I wear them with my UD Primer potion and there is not even a hint of creasing.

Sadly their one down fall is, they're not the creamiest and therefore, not the easiest to blend. Another negative for insanely good pigment. Once its on, its on. With good brushes, precision and effort they do blend out well but these are not in the same league as say, UD basics palettes where the matts blend out beautifully as well as a strong level of pigment and longevity.

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