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It's really easy to turn on the news and get angry, frustrated and sad about life but then do absolutely nothing about it. I feel like I've typed that out more times recently than I care for. The recent events, in the words of Michelle Obama, have shook me to my core. I am shook. If Brexit wasn't enough, If Trump being a candidate wasn't enough; He went and won. There are no words of comfort I can possibly give to any and all Americans reading my blog that are unhappy with this result yesterday, today and probably for the next four years. More than half will feel that way because sadly America doesn't have Proportional Representation and Clinton actually had over 100,000 more votes than Trump - just not in the right states. The system, like Brexit and how it failed Northern Ireland & Scotland, doesn't represent the wants and needs of a large, if not majority, portion of the electorate. Dont get me started on the ones that didn't vote.

Politics is a strange beast. Its almost impossible to understand why someone would vote for him while at the same time, I can clearly see why. It doesn't take two years studying Nazi Germany to realise how people get swept up in that type of politics.  That does not mean I endorse or share their views, far from it. But the challenge we now face, as I give every one of my readers the benefit of the doubt and assume we are all forward thinking, inclusive and caring people, the challenge is how do we change the minds of people who have voted for hate, intolerance and misogyny.

Its a daunting task. I do not have the answers. I have no idea how or why someone would want to attack someone in the street for their sexuality or race. As a white, straight woman I can only truly understand the danger that is felt by woman globally. The fear walking home at night, the fear that a man will take away your right to control your own body, the frustration that a woman with 30 years of experience didn't get this job. That a Man with no qualifications or relevant work experience has been given it. I know that danger, that fear, that frustration.

I am thankfully I don't know what it is like to be persecuted for my sexuality. I can openly show affection the person who I love. That the colour of my skin has never caused people to make assumptions about my criminal record, it has never stopped me getting a job or made me the target of a physical attack. I may not understand that frustration or that terrible, terrible, fear but I see it and I am disgusted with it.

I may not understand how it feels but I stand with you. I will not stand by and see this happen to anyone, a friend, loved one, a stranger. I will not allow other people to get away with this vile behaviour. I will make it awkward. I will have the conversations. I will not just carry on walking by . I will do my best to stand with those that need our help and support.

Its okay to scared. Its okay to be sad. It is not okay to carry on walking, to not challenge these types of views. Its okay to be scared but its not okay to not do anything about it. Whether you take to the streets for peaceful but clear demonstration or want to get involved in politics, do it. I do no endorse violence, hate or anything of that nature from either side. We, the inclusive, the caring, the progressive, we have to be bigger than they are. We have to own that higher ground. We must do everything legal to make sure our voices will be heard.

So its okay to be scared or to be apprehensive about our futures, we have a lot happening in the world right now and being scared is justified but it is not okay to not do anything about it.

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  1. Wise words. In the wake of all that 2016 has brought I have finally stopped being quiet & polite around those who are so vocal about their hate. I will no longer let that go unchallenged, there is too much on the line, too much to lose now.
    I am so glad to see others who are doing all they can too, it inspires me to be brave and have courage. Thank you.


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