Iceland. Mostly Reykjavik.

In ultimate fail Alice Rose mode, we went to Iceland in November and basically I've been the worlds worst blogger since then. I finally had the time to take photos off my camera and write up our little trip in Iceland. (Mostly Reykjavik).
We flew with Icelandic Air from Glasgow straight to Keflavik airport which is about an hours drive from Reykjavik, Iceland's capital city. We hired a car and rented a studio apartment so we could drive to all the places we wanted to get to. If you don't go for the standard tours a car can come in very handy. As an alternative to the set Golden Circle tour we braved the snow and blizzards to take in the sites ourselves. Most things are within a few hours from the city and if you set aside a day you can pretty much see them all and get home in day light, even in winter. We did the national park, which is probably much nicer in summer and I bet you can spend the whole day there. Theres pony trekking and its not -10 degrees..which might help. We then drove along to the Strokkur Geysir which is active every 8-10 minutes and pretty impressive. From there up to Gullfoss (which is double water fall) and then back down to Kerið on our way back to the city which is a volcanic crater. This is 300kr / £2 each but the rest of the golden circle is free. In fact the most expensive thing is the public toilets at the national park which cost about a quid a time. Crazy. (which begs the question, other than the coach what are you really paying for on these tours? hmpft)

National Park

Strokkur Geysir 

We spent three days, four nights in the city. Seeing most of the sights on the second day after looking around the city and getting our bearings on the second. Geothermal bath wise The Blue Lagoon is the most famous but its man made one and very expensive at 5400 kr/ £40 each for the basics package and you have to pre-book which can be a pain. If you want a real Icelandic experience then going to a local baths, normally around 900 kr / £7 get you the everyday geothermal experience with out the frills. The experience isn't as pretty as The Blue lagoon but if pretty is what you want head to Flúðir and The Secret Lagoon. For 2800 kr.  / £20 each its absolutely stunning and set just by a mini geysir which heats the lagoon and is active every 5 minutes. Its secluded and a lot less frantic then The Blue Lagoon. I would recommend getting there as early as you can and enjoy it while it truly is empty if you want a nicer, less expensive experience.

The Secret Lagoon

Overall, It cost us around £650 each for flights, accommodation, car hire, food & entertainment. I'm probably going to do a separate post on all the food places we went to cause the food was amazing and I currently cant find all my receipts and my memory is not as good as it was. I'm hoping to do this soon, as in within the next month, so dont hold your breath.

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