Peeling Foot Mask.

This is the weirdest product I've ever bought and at £7 a pop it was a big leap for me. I dont spend money on things I'm not sure on. But there I was, on Beauty Bay, adding this a few other Korean beauty products into my basket because I thought "this will be fun".

I got a few things from Oh K! with varying results. Ive had hand, nail & face masks before but never a peeling foot mask so I figured this was the one worth sharing. The concept is that you have two plastic socks and two sachets of liquid. Liquid goes in the socks. Feet go in the socks. Leave for at least an hour. All the dead skin peels off within a week.

Firstly the experience is just weird. The liquid is cold, you feet feel wet (obviosuly) and if you try to walk on a hard floor you will slip over cause guess what, your feet are wet. After an hour and 20 (you can leave them on for up to an hour and a half) I waddled carefully to the bathroom. Took the socks off and washed my feet. For days I was annoyed thinking it had done nothing at all then on the 5th day I was getting in the shower after work and when I took my socks off it looks like I had leprosy. All the dead skin was peeling off in really large chunks. Absolutely disgusting. No, I did not take pictures because I dont even want to see it again. Just trust me, this shit works. After a full week my feet were like new feet. Soft, smooth, you name it.

So if you're like me and always forget in the month before a holiday to start filing and moisturising you feet then give this a go. I've already bought myself another one to do before my holiday in June if I need it but a few weeks later and my feet are still just like brand new.

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