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I recently wrote a post about being in Glasgow for a whole year, yikes. As many of you know I was in Carlisle for four years before that which is effectively the desert of the beauty world. Carlisle has an Urban Decay and a Benefit. This isnt a slight on those brands because honestly they were my life savers but now I've moved and discovering new brands I thought I would share which new products I've been drawn into using since I've actually got access to them now - yay!

It seems so basic that I had never really tried much from Nars until 2017. Now I basically rely entirely upon the brand for my face products. Sheer glow & the Creamy concealer changed everything and now Im trying the new soft matte concealer which I'll no doubt review soon. Before the move I had a beauty box full of minis, which I liked and a few are still going but if I want to try base products I have to get colour matched so it was only recently I could really try what I'd heard so much about.

Charlotte Tilbury
First I bought Uptown Girl then I've invested in her brow products and just this weekend I took the plunge and thought I would try a mascara and a foundation too. I love everything I've used so far and would probably buy the whole collection if my bank balance would allow. I'm trying not to review products unless they're actually new in the blogging world but before moving I had zero access to Charlotte Tilbury. Im just lucky Glasgow has its own counter!

This one is a new one for me. As previously posts tell you, boyfriend kept me away from Space.NK for over a year. On discovery of actual real, in person store, I was instantly drawn to Hourglass. Having seen their powders in various posts, Instagrams & videos I was very interested but the price point is too much to buy without seeing them for yourself before handing over the cash. I've invested in an Ambient lighting palette and this photo is literally the first time it's been out of the box. So far, it looks stunning and swatched beautifully in store so I'm excited to start trying it now the sun is coming out more. At £59 its not cheap but with a holiday in the sun booked I thought it was the perfect time to invest in some spring/summer goodies.

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  1. I really want to try more from Hourglass but the price tag puts me off a little! x

    Jordan Alice


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