One year.

February 8th, 2016 I moved to Glasgow. Over a year later I thought it would be nice to re-cap on what its like to move from a small town/city (lets face it Carlisle isn't a city even though it has a cathedral) to the largest city in Scotland and a whole new country.

About 100 miles up the road, another 100 miles away from all my friends and family making it at least 5 hours away from my mother and around 2 hours from my sister (my nearest relative).  I made the move a few weeks after my boyfriend. We were moving for his promotion but the flat sale had gone through and his work wanted him to finish earlier than I could finish up my notice. We moved on a Monday, the cat & I, after a long weekend of packing and leaving drinks with people I've barely even spoken to since I left. I was exhausted. I had a week to sort the two properties out while boyfriend was in work. Then back to work for me. More exhausted.

Three months later I ended my contract, went to Cuba for two weeks, came home and did more DIY than I ever did in my entire life. I got a temp job. I got a proper job. I settled in. Christmas was suddenly here. I had moved in February and then it was Christmas. Its now April. My life is literally running away from me.

Financially the move was hard. Having two properties (1st world problems) isn't fun if you're not mega rich and can't afford to keep an empty house. Not working for months obviously took its toll but we knew we could afford it even if it was a stretch. Having shops which stock things you want to buy is difficult. Im not lying when I say boyfriend hid the location of Space.NK from me for over a year because he knew I shouldn't be allowed in there. There are more shops in Glasgow than anywhere I've ever been expect maybe London but Im not fond of London any more thats okay.

I have been to countless bars, restaurants & pubs. I think I've seen every museum or I at least plan to. I've been to abandoned buildings and laughed as my boyfriend almost kills himself trying to take an arty shot for his Instagram. I've had more fun and more sorrow than in the four years previously.

Sorrow because being away from everyone you know and love is terrifying and lonely. I depend on one person and a few little online people that I have seen at an event or two. I dont have a large group of friends here. I am not big in the local blogging community here. In fact one person actually went out of there way to be cruel and now I feel like I cant go to events which doesn't exactly make it easy to make friends. I dont have my family here. I have our home, our fuzzy cat child and a few people who seem wonderful but that I dont know very well.  What I'm trying to say is that moving away is always bitter sweet. I am nothing but happy in Glasgow and Scotland is my home now but having everyone else you love hundreds of miles away is heartbreaking. Moving to another country isn't for a home girl.

Fun, because Glasgow has everything to offer that a dead end town doesn't. Glasgow is more than just eating and drinking yourself fat, going shopping and pretty buildings (it is all those things too). It's the people. It's the atmosphere. Its hard to pin point and when you're here for a significant amount of time you become used to it but after a little while you go somewhere else. You visit family or friends and realise that thing that makes Glasgow what it is isn't everywhere.

You come home and realise you could never live anywhere else because it wouldn't be Glasgow.

*Photos by Souter*

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