Urban Decay Naked Heat

It's a little too soon to be reviewing the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette but I've had a fair play with this beauty. Big thanks to UD for adding me to their PR list, I got this bad boy on Wednesday and it is now Saturday afternoon. Ive worn a few combinations for a few days so I can at least give you a decent first impressions.

So the Naked Palettes are Beauty Blogging royalty; They're a right of passage for beauty lovers and frankly, possibly the most duped items in the make up industry. I dont think there are any completely unique shades in any of the palettes and you can probably get similar colours for more or less depending on your budget. What they do for a reasonable price is a strong collection of shades which all go together. This can not always be said about some of the latest palette released from other brands (I would never put bubblegum pink with gold and a khaki green but then I am not that experimental). I personally have the Naked 3 which is all pinks and rose golds and I also own the Naked Basics palettes which are perfect for traveling and everyday work looks. They're good value, have lasted me years and I would never be without them. 

So we have all seen warm eyeshadows from multiple brands so this palette is not going to revolutionise the beauty world, agreed. But when I look at the Naked collection so far this really was the missing link. Urban Decay couldn't possibly not come out with this at this. The shades are a mixture of light to dark warm shades, not the neutrals we were used to in the original collections but enough functionally that I honestly believe you can create day to evening looks. My first time trying its hard to not go all out with a heavy red smokey eye and lots of liner. Since then I've been experimenting with the lighter shades and pops of shimmer for more delicate, less full on, day time looks. Its possible but any use of red eyeshadow is probably going to draw a large amount of attention to your make up/have people thinking you have serious hay fever. 

Included in the reasonable price is 12 highly pigmented shades which last for hours. I decided to start doing arm swatches and boy was this a double cleanse job to get off. I now do my swatches with brushes and on a base of UD primer potion so you can see how the colours might translate onto your face (I dont know anyone who applies eyeshadows with their fingers). As you can see the lighter shades are pretty light but at least the selection has a good highlight shade a base for when you dont want to start off in the mid-section. I found the mattes and the shimmers easy to use, build up colour and blend out and despite the bad press this palette has had - a little really does go a long way! After several all day wears I can also confirm these dont crease, even on my greasy lids (with primer potion of course). 

So overall i'd say this is worth the cash and I would of definitely wanted this in my collection and weighed up how much I needed more warm shadows. I already have rather a lot and if you already have several warm shaded palettes then maybe skip this one but thats its only negative. Urban Decay have narrowly avoided missing the boat with this one and for those of us that haven't committed to a full palette of warm toned goodness this one is well worth investing in. 

As stated this is a PR sample from Urban Decay but all opinions are my own.

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