Glossier. Full Brand Review.

Balm Dotcom in Coconut, Rose & Original

I can't remember a brand which caused so much fuss in the beauty community. I placed my first Glossier order the week it launched and I pretty much ordered the lot. I went to see the show room in New York just after Glossier launched in the UK just to see the colours of the products. It's really hard to pick out foundation without taking a look yourself. Thats something the brand could do to make life a little easier. I could write in dept reviews of every product I've tried but that would mean months of Glossier posts and well, this isn't sponsored in any way so just no.

Body Hero Cleansing Oil & Body Lotion - These smell amazing IF you're into Orange and Neroli scents. If you're not then these aren't for you. The Oil does the job of cleaning without stripping the skin and the Lotion is pretty thick and moisturising. Bit too much effort for everyday though (the lotion).

Milky Jelly Cleanser - Not good for taking off make up so I wouldn't bother if thats what you're looking for. I've been using it in the morning since I ordered back in October and I'm about half way through my first bottle. No doubt i'll re-purchase it.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Moisturising Moon Mask & Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack & Moisturising Moon Mask - Work great together (one after the other) or on their own. I tend to do an exfoliating mask (not Glossier), the Galaxy mask then finish up with the Moon Mask. Only half way through each since October and I use them most weekends so worth the money.

Super Pure - the only one of the serums I've used due to the price and other products being a lot cheaper. This works and really does reduce redness and calm spots. It is watery like it says but does absorb quickly too. I barely use this as I dont get a lot of break outs but its a handy one to have in my arsenal.

Boy Brow - a decent brow gel but I still need some pencil or powder before I use this as my brows are so thin and blonde.

Balm Dotcom - I have four of the five (well three, I bought the Mint one for Matthew). As you can see they're not very pigmented at all so only buy the one you like the smell of. Effectively vaseline in a tube but I still love them.

Cloud Paint -I have Dusk & Beam and I only use Dusk. They go on well and I like the colour but they fade quickly so multiple applications needed.

Haloscope in Moonstone - a white bright toned highlight which is really easy to apply. Theres a theme with the make up really and it's brush free (for the most part) which I like a lot. Not the strongest highlight but handy for topping up if you go out after work.

Cloud Paint in Beam & Dusk

Lip Gloss

Super Pure

Stretch Concealer - I have the shade medium but it's now slightly too dark for me as its the height of winter. Next time I do an order i'll be ordering light too as I love this product. I only use it under my eyes but it doesn't crease or dry out. An absolute winner.

Priming Moisturiser Rich - I had to go for the rich version as my skin is super dry. This is thick and lovely but I do use an additional primer too.

Perfecting Skint Tint - For the price I wouldn't bother with this one. Its nice but for £20 I'd like some coverage. I have to use a lot of this to be able to see it and its very runny. One to skip unless you enjoy no coverage.

Lip Gloss - A sticky clear gloss. I used to hate gloss. This is okay, if you like gloss or want a decent clear one.

Everything else I didn't like the look of/wasn't blown away when I tried it in the show room or it wasn't out when I ordered (the Solution for example). What am I missing out on? How did you find the products? Let me know

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  1. I'm such a rubbish blogger, I haven't tried any of the range and haven't really planned on getting any either! The highlight sounds nice but i tend to go for something that makes me a bit more glitterball-esque. xx

    1. Its all a bit natural which is good if you like that type of make up. For me the stand outs are the skincare. Really lovely products which have become part of my everyday routine! Thanks for your comments x

  2. Great Post! There's a few Glossier products on my wishlist which I can't wait to try!


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