New York, New York

Central Park

The High Line
Some places feel like home. Not because you've been there a lot, you know your way around and the bed sheets smell familiar but a feeling. Millions of people visit New York every year and it's on most peoples bucket lists. Everyone want to go to the MET, see Central Park, go shopping on 5th Ave but for me New York feels like home because of the people and the lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that if you only go to a place on holiday then really you don't know what its like to work and life there. But that being said I only really know whats its like to live in about 3 places so lets ignore that for now.

The Oyster Bar @ Grand Central
We went last October/November and because Matthew hadn't been we did a lot of touristy stuff. We did Central Park, The American Museum of Natural History (there was no Ross Gellar. I was pretty disappointed), We went to Brooklyn (several times, I love it a lot), walked along the Brooklyn Bridge, Went to the 9/11 memorial, shopped in Macys, picked up some Levis, four trips to Sephora and a visit the Glossier Showroom too. We went to Grand Central, China Town, The New York Public Library (twice), ate Mexican food after getting the Staten Island ferry, walked the high line, went to the Top of the Rock, got desert, saw Times Square, visited the MET, saw the Brooklyn Nets, went to Katz Deli, had pizza slices at Joe's multiple times and ate a lot of bagels. I'm sure theres some stuff I've missed off too. We did pretty much all the "OMG you've got to do X" type of stuff. I loved it. There was loads of stuff I hadn't done before and lots of it was nice to share with someone.

Central Park

Brooklyn Park

The American Museum of Natural History

Joe's Pizza
For me its the food, the people, the fact that things work in the city. Most UK cities have terrible transport links. Yes Glasgow has a subway but really its just a loop and yes I know London has a decent subway but thats one city and also its far away. In NY things stay open. They have choice we don't have. Food options we don't have. Most people are getting on with their lives cause their time is valuable. You dont get stuck behind a lot of slow walkers in New York for a start.

The view from The Top of the Rock

I could write a guide on all these touristy things if thats something people want (let me know please) but I bet there are thousands of posts already covering all these places. So here's a few tips at least.
  • Get an unlimited Subway card. Walk as little as possible. If you're like us and you want to cram in a lot you're legs will be destroyed even if you do all this.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Yeah we all want a nice photo next to something famous wearing that lovely outfit but that bag is gonna hurt your shoulder and those shoes will kill your feet (see above point).
  • Write a list of where you want to go then put them all on a map on the city. Pair a few things together based on geographical location (again to save those feet).
  • Go to an event. Sport, show, music. Something you couldn't see at home. We saw the Brooklyn Nets who are NBA but a lot cheaper than the Knicks. 
  • For shopping check out places like JCPenny as well as you're big name shops. Matthew picked up raw denim Levis for less than half the price compared to the Levi store.
  • Find out where the locals eat and drink. Ask people or look on google for recommendations. Thats how we found places to eat and we didn't have one bad food experience. 

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