The Truth

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Life sucks. Overall it does anyway. Don't get me wrong I love many aspects of my life and know how lucky I am but even those of us relatively okay (we have a roof over our heads and foot in our bellies) deal with the never ending cycle of work, housework, modern day stresses. Tories want to sell off our NHS and refuse to help with the homelessness crisis (hence why I know how LUCKY I am). England and Wales voted to tear Scotland out of the EU. I can't find a decent pair of jeans to fit me. HIT Training is exhausting. Trying to eat better is exhausting. Giving every worthy cause the time, respect and funding you can is exhausting. Watching what you say online so you don't accidentally offend anyone is endless but down right worth while. I hate dusting.

Beauty Blogging is expensive. The fear of missing a new release real. The really real reality of suddenly being off PR lists because you didn't have time to blog for six months is lame. Online politics is daft. Once being friends with someone to not talk to them for years is even dafter. The never ending like, share and comment cycle is dull. What do we even do it for? (I know the answer, just go with me) and yes I've seen that black mirror episode.

Lifestyle blogging is a lie. We present a perfect reality of our lives. Right now I am sat in sweat pants with not a scrap of make up on but I at least have clean hair today and I've had a lie in and I've had breakfast. Its 1 o'Clock and all I've done is eat, renew my domain and write a to-list. I haven't really bothered with my Instagram for about two years. No ones house looks like that. We all have pile of semi-dirty clothes on a chair but those types of photos don't get a lot of likes.

The point I'm making badly is I have a life (we all do) and that life of work, housework and constantly feeling like the tories are going to target someone I know and love next is tiring. Being tires = not wanting to blog. So here I am AGAIN. Not promising much but spending a day writing some posts and hoping to justify my existence as blogger.

I say all this knowing fully well I will fail. Let me know how you are. It's been a while.

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  1. I've just commented on your other post but HELLO.

    And yes. Online politics is daft. x

  2. I'm... here. And 100% in favour of putting your limited energy into the stuff that matters.

    I like it when you write.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. Thank you. I like it too. lets meet up for that drink/lunch/whatever soon xx


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