L'oreal Fine Flowers Milk, Cleansing Cream & Toner

I was strolling around boots with Andrew from Beauty & the Boy when we spotted these new cleansing products from L'oreal. I don't normally buy products on a spur of the moment but the pink drew me in and as they were on three for two I could justify it. Theres the cleansing Milk, Cream & Gel plus a Toner and Wipes. I didn't go for the gel or the wipes and stuck with the milk, cream and toner.

I've been using these within my usual routine for several weeks now. I tend to use a few different cleansers every night depending on what my skin needs. For reference I have dry/dehydrated skin.

The Milk. Both cleansers are pink in colour (which I love) but fairly light. No real obvious fragrance. The milk is a lot thinner than the cream as you'd expect. This isn't really like any other cleanser I can think of. It goes on easily but requires a cloth or cotton pad to take off make up which is disappointing some times. Although the consistency is nice, the cleanser doesn't seem to melt anything away like an oil or balm would. This didn't seem to strip my skin at all but I think I prefer this as a morning cleanse than an evening one (That way I can avoid using a cloth) but obviously in the mornings I'm not wearing make-up. The size is massive for this one and the cost is really low when you factor that in.

The Cream. Thick is the word for this one. It again goes on nicely, does need a cloth and really needs a bit of elbow grease to get the stuff off. Its so thick almost to a fault and if it gets in your eyes then hello cloudy vision. Again it doesn't seem to melt anything the face. If anything both cleansers require the physical effort of the cloth/hand movement to remove any make up. This is probably my least favourite of the three sadly. I do like the packaging though and I look forward to using it to store something else in it. Another one which will probably be used in the morning.

Toner. Toner is one of the those products I dont really get unless its got something active going on with it like an acid. I use acid in the morning and think it would be too much to use it at night too so using a toner like this is perfect. Its a nice step before other skincare and it smells nice too. Again, this bottle is really big and therefore cost per use/per ml is super low. I've had no reactions and I do find my treatments possibly work a little bit better (maybe) after using this.

Overall I wouldn't say this products changed my life but they're nice, didn't break me out and I will use them till they're finished. In the case of the milk and the toner, thats a long time. Have you tried any of the fine flowers range?

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  1. I really need to try this range, the products all sound so lovely xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️


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