Make Up Where to Spend & Where to save

I've seen the odd post and video covering this Spend/Save debate with everyone having their own opinions and experiences. I'll be doing two posts, one on make up and one on skincare in a few weeks. Over all I'd say spend on skincare and save on make up but here is make up broken down for you..or at least the categories I feel most strongly about anyway.

So here's the bit thats really fun, The Spend bit.

Foundation. A good base will save your skin. It will cover most of your skin flaws and means the rest of your make up sits well and performs well on your face. For light coverage I love the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder and for medium-higher coverage Nars Sheer glow is your BBF. Other top faves include the IT Cosmetics CC Cream but that can be difficult to get hold of in the UK.

Eyeshadow. For me Urban Decay do the best eyeshadows going. With a lot of choice too, theres probably something for everyone in their Naked Collection. For more luxury, special occasion shadows I love my limited Charlotte Tilbury collection. The cream shadows are to die for too!

Lipstick. Shocking maybe but it seems like a lot of people agree with me on this one. IF I wear lipstick which isn't all the time by any means I want it to stay on, not slip off after 30 seconds. For me Mac and Illamasqua are my favourites for matte lips that dont dry out and colour that stays put.

And here is the even more fun bit, the saving!

Concealer. For me the Collection Lasting perfection has been a favourite for as long as I can remember. I've been wearing making up for over 20 years and this is probably the best concealer I've ever used for spots. Terrible shade range but if you're pale like me or can mix some colours to get a match this is amazing. The Glossier stretch concealer is also good under the eyes and is a more mid-range product. Its terrible and hiding spots but if you dont need much it doesn't dry out under your eyes which us working gals need.

Brows. Again Glossier Boy Brow is great if you want a little hold and its probably the best brow gel I've tried recently. Soap and Glory Archery is the best I've found for us pale girls who need a pale pencil which isn't bright orange. Hello neutral tones.

Mascara. I don't even know which ones are in the photo cause I don't care. I think they all do the same thing. I dont think anything ever makes a difference with mascara. I get as many free samples at events and always pick it as a freebie on a 3 for 2 when I can cause why spend money on something when they're all the same. 

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  1. I love the pictures on your blog! So cute!

  2. Great post! I don't spend a whole lot on make-up. I don't wear foundation, for example. But I do use a really good concealer that blends beautifully with my skin! I don't even use mascara, hihi! I love to splurge on lipstick though. I'm really a lipstick gal! Great post!

    X Angela /

    1. Ah good for you! What concealer do you use? I do love a good lipstick too :)


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