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2018 is the year I read even more. I decided back in September 2017, when I switched jobs and finally got a lunch break again after over a year of stealing 5 minutes to eat a sandwich, that I would read more. Since January I've been set on reading a book a month in the 20-30 minutes I have free after food at lunch times. So far I've managed it and actually I am half way through my sixth book in four months. Trying to depart from beauty review after beauty review I thought I'd share three of my favourites from 2018 so far.

Everything I know About Love by Dolly Alderton
Dolly is roughly the same ages as me (I'm 28 and I think I worked it out that she would of been the year above me in school) so for me this was like someone had written my childhood down for me. MSN, broken/distant friendship issues, going to therapy..its my life except I wasn't a public school girl and I lived in North Wales, not London/near by. It was my life but written in a way that was interesting, funny and cool. Who thought you could make chatting to friend of friends online in one hours shifts, sharing the computer with family members, sound more exciting than it was.
It's not an exaggeration to say this, along with a few others, is a book that I've read recently that has changed me. This book is so light hearted, such an easy read but somehow managed to make me feel a fully spectrum of emotions. Theres nothing like laughing out loud in the lunch room or having to pause between sentences for fear you'll burst out crying. Dolly's writing catches you off guard in a big big way.

We should all be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I picked this up in the New York Public Library. Right by the till I saw it and had to buy it. You could buy t-shirts, totes the lot. I was tempted, without even reading the essay, to buy them all. It's so short I can't really discuss the book without spoiling it. Basically it discusses Feminist today (or in 2013 when She gave her Ted Talk that inspired the book published in 2014). She discusses discrimination and the ingrained behaviours that keep women marginalised. A must, must read and it won't take you that long either! I now want to read everything else she's written so if anyone has any suggestions on what titles to try first please do let me know.

Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett
This featured prominently in my monthly favourites. As I said in that post this book is a must read for all people, regardless of gender. If you identify as a woman you need to read this and if you dont, you need to read this to see how we feel and what we go through. There’s even a letter specifically to guys. I've recently made my fiancĂ©  read that part but really I's say everyone could read the whole thing. 
This book is not white feminism either, which is a trap I am very very wary of. Dealing with equality of all types and highlighting that WOC have an even harder time Jessica backs up every single one of her claims with studies, statistics and reliable sources. As I said in my favourites, parts of the book left me thinking theres no hope, I should give up, while others made me want to start my own club and to start making more of a difference about issues that affect us all. If anyone in Glasgow/Scotland/anywhere wants to start this with me let me know..seriously.

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