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I recently wrote a Book Club post and really enjoyed sharing with you other things I love or have enjoyed recently. I am now extending this to TV or more specifically Netflix because I don't really watch any live TV at all except the rugby or football down the pub. Now I dont know about you but I am rather fussy with what I watch. Maybe its being a film grad? or watching a lot of TV and Film in my time? I dont know but honestly if something isn't brilliant I won't watch it. So here are the series I've loved so far this year. Not all of them are brand new.

A family has to re-locate from Chicago to Missouri after accidentally getting involved in money laundering. As far as Crime, Thriller Dramas go - this is a good one. The first episode will blow you away. No spoilers but this doesn't hold back. If you're not into violence, tough love and real talk don't watch it. If you love stuff like the Wire and the Sopranos, go for it. For months after you'll be able to spot a money laundering business a mile off (theres a tattoo studio by mine which is only open a day a week and I've never seen anyone go in and out, just a big land Rover occasionally parked a below the poverty line area of Glasgow..suspicious) and possibly be a little bit more in love with Jason Bateman/want to watch Zootopia more and more. The series was chilling at points, amusing in others but always left us on the edge of anticipation. Season two has been announced but no date yet. Im hoping it'll be this summer.

Big Mouth
Dirty Animation. I recommended this to a colleague and he turned it off after 10 minutes so dont be surprised if you hate it too. It's from Nick Kroll so if you don't like that kind of comedy then maybe dont bother. Or dont hold your breath. Saying that, it did get 100% on Rotten Tomatoes so it cant be THAT bad as RT can be very very picky. Anyway. This is an animation that deals with puberty. Girls, boys, name it. Although I am hoping in season 2 (again, no date announced) that they explore the wonderful  Matthews character more as he's the only one who seems to not be struggling with the usual issues. From a female perspective its an interesting insight into boys when they were that age, a side most of us didn't get to see. It's also refreshing to have a female main character (a few even) and to not only see situations from their point of view but also new situations and their own coming of age stories. I personally loved it and thankfully the episodes are short enough if you fancy giving it a go.

More crime Alice? I know, I know I am OBSESSED but if you're into the Hannibal series/books/films and take a remote interest in criminal psychology then this is very interesting and entertaining. Although its drama, its based on non-fiction book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit written by retired FBI agent John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The series follows a couple of agents trying to interview and piece together the collective behaviours of known killers to form what is known today as psychological profiling and it also leads to the coining of the phrase "serial killer". Theres some chilling performances, some really high anxiety scenes and a really really good watch. They've left it open for another season so fingers crossed its as good as the first if they do with rumours of late this year if it happens.

Manhunt: Unabomber
I'm not even going to apologise for another crime based show on this list. We just watched this over three nights and its amazing. Eight episodes. If you watch Mindhunter and like it, you'll love this. Its using physiological profiling to catch a terrorist who at this point had been making bombs for almost 20 years. As an old english language student I also loved the linguistic analysis aspect of the investigation (geek alert). Each episode made me want to watch another. It also left me feeling very conflicted. Killing/injuring people is bad, very bad but the manifesto and the ideas of Kaczynski really spoke to us when we were watching it. Later in the series we see his life before he starting bombing, we saw how conflicted he was and how ultimately everyone he ever knew had let him down, has used him or out right abused him. I found myself in tears in the final episode; I wont say why as it's a massive spoiler. This was well written, well acted and sadly is a stand alone season.

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