Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water Medium

Me and tanning are not BFFs. I've hardly ever done any tanning and i'll be honest, I'm not great at it. I usually go for a gradual tan, something which you need to apply several times so that the odd patch and streak blends together with the multiple layers. The Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water is getting a lot of hype though and after much deliberation I decided to pick up a bottle. I am super pale but pick up a colour quickly on holiday but knowing I'm not going on holiday until my honeymoon in October I knew my milk bottle legs would barely see daylight if I didn't put something on them.

A picked this up in boots for a surprising £18.95. I'm not sure what I expected the price to be but this was maybe a little more than I was hoping. I got the Medium shade because I knew I'd rather have it on for a shorter amount of time than get the light and be annoyed it hadn't done much.

I put it on in the morning, on a day off, at about 8am. I had exfoliated the morning before and just before I put some body lotion on my knees, elbows..all the usual places. I sprayed this on, used a tanning mitt to buff and then put on some long sleeved dark lounge wear and set about a day of blogging. At 4.5 hours I thought the colour had developed enough so I had a shower. It had developed enough but was sadly a little patchy. I'm going to say this is down to the bottle and user error. The bottle doesn't spray upside down which makes it hard to apply. The bottle pump requires a lot of effort to pump for the length of time needed to cover your whole body. The product requires a mitt which there isn't an option to buy from the brand (that I saw) and is more effort that I felt it was marketed as. But also I'm not the most experienced tanner either.

So after I showered and noticed how patchy my arm and the back of one leg was I popped a little more on just those places for another couple of hours in the hope it evened out. It worked and the result was actually pretty good as you'll see. Not too dark but just enough colour for me. Having had the tan on for a week it was fading evenly and no one even noticed i'd tanned, I was asked if I'd been on holiday - winner! The only negative after the packaging struggles and sorting out the patches was it peeled away a little bit or rolled of the skin in between my breasts. I figure it was because it was so warm and bras rub and all that jazz but it actually looked fine.

So although this isn't the easier product to use I think it will get easier with time and with being a bit more careful with the application. I did this pretty quickly which might have been a factor. Thankfully the stuff didn't stain anything in my bathroom and the smell isn't too bad either. I'll be using this again now and again knowing that if applied well four hours is more than enough colour for me so I can throw it on at 6 when I get home and then wash it off before bed easily.

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